Francisco/Schooner Crosswalk Gets Safety Review

On Thurs., May 8, the El Dorado County Traffic Advisory Committee approved installation of ADA ramps at crosswalks at the Francisco and Schooner Drive intersection, and requested that further review of whether the current configuration of crosswalks at that intersection pose a safety concern for pedestrians.

The action resulted from efforts by area residents and the Lake Forest Owners Association to move the northern Francisco crosswalk to the south side of the intersection, in order to improve traffic flow and provide direct crossing from the middle school to a sidewalk at Windsor Point Park.  They reasoned that this would discourage school children from walking down the middle of Schooner after crossing Francisco, as they now do.

An engineering and traffic survey conducted by the County Transportation Division determined that moving the crosswalk would not significantly improve traffic on Francisco. However, the committee agreed to refer the issue back to the Transportation Division as a safety issue, before the ADA ramps are installed, in order to determine how best to address the safety of middle school children crossing Francisco at this intersection.