Tree Study Completed

A study of all trees along the Francisco Drive corridor was just completed for the Lake Forest Owners Association by certified arborist, Ken Menzer of Abacus.

Mr. Menzer conducted individual assessments of all 1,040 trees along the corridor, rating them from 0 (dead) to 5 (no apparent problems) in a 56-page report provided to the Association.

Residents of Lake Forest Village are advised that maintenance of the corridor’s trees will begin soon. The Abacus study provides numerous recommended actions that the association’s landscape company, Capital Landscaping, will refer to in caring for the trees. Trees rated 0 or 1 (Extreme problems) will receive first attention.

In some cases, this means removal of dead, damaged, deformed, destructive or dying trees.  Due to their condition, 36 trees (3%) are slated for removal, one of which is a 28″ diameter landmark blue oak which is decayed, dying and poses a threat to public safety.