The Lake Forest Owners Association manages landscaping and lighting of village common areas along the Francisco Boulevard corridor in the Lake Forest Village area of northern El Dorado Hills, Calif.

Board of Directors

  • Ray Myers, President
  • Ron Tyler, Vice President
  • John Poimiroo, Secretary and Chief Financial Officer

Association Manager

  • Ashley Brandt, CCAM
  • Frei Real Estate Services
  • 8340 Auburn Blvd., Ste 100
  • Citrus Heights, CA 95610
  • abrandt@alfrei.com
  • 916-722-8110 O
  • 916-722-8111 F

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  1. A few questions for the Board:

    1) Did you know, according to Frei, the entry to Marina Woods on Templeton should be maintained by the Association up to Halifax? That includes the two side yards of the homes located on each corner of Halifax and Templeton. I have NEVER seen Capital touch this area- I ask the board to please investigate this immediately, as it would seem Capital is being paid to maintain an area that presently looks like a third world weed-patch. Refund?

    2) The repainted red curbs. Thank you for finally having the curbs repainted after so many years. They look real nice, or at least they did for a few months until the Capital Landscape trailer decided to leave black tire tread marks along nearly the entire parkway. I’ve seen them do this myself. Narrow street, big wide trailer, not enough room so they park along the curb. I just hate to write yet another check for this type “maintenance” when it seems the maintainers have failed to provide the level of care and service we would expect in the Lake Forest Community.

    4) I understand the board members serve on the board voluntarily, so lastly I wanted to thank the board for their time and effort in making Lake Forest Parkway as beautiful and well maintained as possible. Now if only the county would do something about El Dorado Hills Blvd….where’s Mik?

    • Thanks for the comments, Jon. We’ll check into the issue about maintenance on Templeton and the curb issue. We appreciate the nod for the voluntary service. Service on the LFOA board is open to any resident of the village. We welcome new candidates and new ideas.

    • Jon,

      Here’s additional background to your questions/comments:
      1) The Lake Forest Owners Association’s property ends at the brick entries to each neighborhood. Beyond that, maintenance of landscaping is the responsibility of individual property owners. In this case, it is the responsiblity of the Marina Woods owners on Templeton to maintain landscaping on their properties. Confusion perhaps exists because the LFOA happens to provide water to the properties in question. That is a function of how the water meters supply water, but that does not mean the LFOA is also responsible for maintain landscaping on those properties. Again, it is the responsibility of the owners of those properties to maintain their own landscaping. This was determined several years ago when the LFOA recognized that it did not hold title to the area in front of the Water Plant (between Marina Village Middle School and Lake Forest Park) and along the easement that EID has along the frontage in front of its lift station just south of the entrance to The Summit. Similarly, it was discovered that even though water is supplied by the LFOA to parts of private properties adjacent to LFOA land, the owners of those properties are responsible for maintaining landscaping on their land. Since Marina Woods lacks an HOA which might arbitrate community landscape maintenance issues, the best course of action for you to take is to contact the El Dorado Hills CSD or El Dorado County Department of Transportation to determine if either has jurisdiction over enforcing landscaping on those private properties. If the owner’s failure to maintain their landscaping poses a real fire safety concern, you might also contact the EDH Fire Department, as they enforce clearing of dry brush and weeds at the beginning of summer.
      2) You are correct in that it took many years of lobbying in order to get the El Dorado County DOT to repaint the curb red in front of Marina Village Middle School. That was a consequence of the LFOA’s having brought concerns about traffic flow and public safety along Francisco Blvd. to them. The LFOA has no influence over and does not maintain streets or curbs. That is the jurisdiction of the DOT. The DOT only has a 60′ right of way. So, adding lanes would require taking additional land. The only change to the boulevard of which we’re aware is that Francisco is scheduled to be straigthened out at Wildwood. We’ve been told that this is not likely to occur for 10 years, due to budget and planning issues.
      3) We share the interest of many EDH residents who have sought the completion of EDH Blvd as a four-lane, landscaped boulevard from Governor’s Village north to Lake Forest Village with removal of the arterial stop at Francisco, so that traffic flows unimpeded through the unused corner of Wild Oaks Park. That would open land for placement of a children’s soccer/playing field where EDH Blvd now approaches Francisco and provide El Dorado Hills with the traffic artery it needs.

  2. Could you please tell me if 1998 Driftwood is in your HOA? If so, could you please advise me of the contact information so I can notify the bank. This is now a bank owned property.

  3. I need the specifications for the paint for the fence along Francisco. Can you supply me with the paint specifications ?
    Michael Perkins

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