Windsor Point Park

In March, the El Dorado Hills Community Services District (CSD) Board of Directors unanimously voted and approved to prepare and mail ballots to the residents of Windsor Point, Marina Woods, and Marina 1 & 2 Villages for the official vote to establish a
Lighting & Landscaping Assessment District (LLAD) for Windsor Point
Park at the intersection of Francisco Boulevard and Schooner Dr.

The LLAD is needed in order to pay for the annual maintenance costs of Windsor Point Park.  The proposed assessment on affected properties (property tax) for maintaining the park would be $48.80 per year or $4 a month.

Should the LLAD not be approved, the empty lot at Windsor Park would likely be sold and developed, potentially as single family or multiple-family housing.  Supporters of the park say, $4 a month is “a small price to pay for a park,” considering that over many years residents of the area were already assessed building a fund that will pay for development of the park.  They note that they “have already invested in and deserve to see the park come to fruition.”

Should the LLAD not be approved, the assessments paid by Windsor Point Park area residents would not be refunded to them, but would be used by the CSD elsewhere in El Dorado Hills as the CSD determines.

Ballots have been mailed to affected owners and must be returned to the El Dorado Hills CSD not later than June 14.  The Lake Forest Owners Association (Master Association) has contributed $10,000 to pay for Windsor Point Park design plans and urges affected residents to vote in favor of the measure.  Should the LLAD be approved, the park is slated to be completed by September, 2013.

An election night gathering will occur on June 14 at 7 p.m. as ballots are counted at the El Dorado Hills CSD Pavilion.   All interested parties are invited to participate.