EID Asks For Voluntary Water Conservation

Folsom Lake seen from The Summit in Lake Forest Village (1/21/14)

Folsom Lake seen from The Summit in Lake Forest Village (1/21/14) John Poimiroo

Stopping short of declaring a drought emergency, with water levels dropping the El Dorado Irrigation District is urging water conservation, the Mountain Democrat reported last Friday.

The paper reported: “Folsom Reservoir is approximately 18 percent full as of Jan, 6, which is approximately 37 percent of average for this time of year. Currently, the supplies available to EID from Folsom Reservoir include the United States Bureau of Reclamation contract of 7,550 acre-feet and the ditch/Weber Reservoir water rights totaling 4,560 acre-feet,” said Mueller.

“We are not solely dependent on our water allocation from Folsom Reservoir since we also draw water from our other sources. As a result, we have not experienced the same devastating consequences as other water purveyors who are reliant on Folsom Reservoir. Despite this fact, we are still concerned with the lack of rainfall this winter and are urging customers to voluntarily cut back their water usage, conserve, and not waste water.” the article continued.

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