Saving the Heritage Oaks

Lake Forest Owners Association working with the property managers of both the Lake Forest Center [Cassidy & Turley] and the Green Valley Center [Donahue Schriber] engaged the services of two arborists to evaluate the condition of the 4 Heritage Oaks near the intersection of Green Valley and Francisco. Two of the trees are the property of the Green Valley Center and one each is owned by Lake Forest Center and the Lake Forest Master Association.

The great news is the trees are in good condition even though they were somewhat compromised by surrounding construction over 20 years ago. The arborists recommended very limited clearing of upper limbs and, of course, removal of all mistletoe. The Oak owned by LFOA also was recommended to be structurally enhanced with the addition of some cabling. This work was completed June 6th. As you are probably aware lighting was added earlier this year on all four of the trees.

These 4 trees are a beautiful part of the Lake Forest signature and rest assured your Board will do everything to assure their health is maintained.

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